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SCENAR Therapy

SCENAR Therapy has now been given to millions of people all over the world with no recorded adverse side effects for the past 35 years.


Key Therapy is generally at least twice as fast as the other devices.  Most treatments can be concluded successfully in 15 minutes rather than 30 minutes plus.

Overview of SCENAR Therapy

We believe that our health is controlled mostly by our brain. It is the one thing our brain does incredibly well. It often keeps us alive despite overwhelming odds.  We also believe that we should take control of our own health rather than relying totally on the health systems that are increasingly unable to cope. This involves looking after our bodies and our brain by eating healthy food ,not smoking or ingesting toxins and using natural means that don`t overload our adaptive systems so that we have a strong immune system to ward off most diseases.

We have an incredible ability to heal naturally if our adaptive and immune systems are strong and we try to adapt to everything that affects us. If we get cold we shiver, hot we perspire, we adapt to poisons light, noise, even fear. The faster we adapt the healthier we are and using adaptation , we try to come to balance (homeostasis) from the moment we are born ,until we die.

Many pharmaceuticals use this ability of the brain to adapt to attempt to heal us or stop disease.  For instance vaccines are generally poisons that make our brain react to make antibodies so that we have the ability to adapt to particular diseases if they strike. Unfortunately some of those vaccines do not have the same effect on everyone and can maim. Without extensive personal pharmacogenomic testing, many pharmaceuticals are equally dangerous and often useless to many people.

When we break a leg, providing it is immobilized, no pills are required to heal the bone. Our brain does that naturally. If a healthy person grazes skin, it bleeds and cleans itself, scabs over to protect and when the new skin is formed, the scab falls off. Again no pills needed, just natural healing.  When we hit our “funny bone” the pain is excruciating but disappears in 10 or 15 seconds. We have our own opioids in our bodies to stop pain that quickly.

What we need however is a way to switch on this innate ability. Pain drugs are just blockers that block the sensory system until the brain can enact healing and if the brain does not register pain it also does little or nothing about healing the problem often creating chronic conditions.

During the Cold War the Russians created a method of electro treatment initially for their Cosmonauts with little or no use of drugs called Scenar. It remained unknown until it ceased being a military secret.

This system was to send small, very short duration electrical signals via the skin to the brain using the same (endogenous) signal as our body uses to communicate around itself. When this endogenous signal reaches the brain it is not regarded as foreign so the brain replies with a signal to the area where the original signal came from.

The device registers that reply using skin impedance and then sends a return signal to the brain suggesting it changes its reply towards a homeostasis type signal. The brain wants to come to homeostasis so this process continues until the brain complies to at least some degree. This is known as reflex biofeedback and is a real time action and process.

The process is also able to excite our C fibres which make up a large portion of our nervous system.

When C fibres are excited they release regulatory and neuro peptides (our internal pharmacy) and are the source of and can accelerate healing and pain control.

So in reality the energetic treatment process nags the brain hundreds of times per second asking it in a language it understands, to bring the body back to balance by using our innate self repair ability. It is a regulator, a device that instigates natural regulation, rather than a device that forces a treatment such as a TENS device which overpowers the nervous system.

We believe that this process involves and probably creates brain plasticity to some degree.

Is SCENAR safe?

Energetic treatments from SCENAR Devices have now been given to millions of people all over the world over the past 30 years without any recorded negative side effects. Yes , sometimes people feel worse for a few hours or even a day after but this is always part of the normal self repair cycle we go through.

The SCENAR signal can be a quite a chaotic signal but because it lasts only 18 milliseconds it is too short for the brain to register pain but long enough for the brain to know it should release neuropeptides. The C fibres do not normally release them unless there is a lot of pain present.

The treatment should not be painful in any way and should always be comfortable although some people are sensitive to electrical currents and should be treated below their sensory levels. It is not necessary to be able to feel the slight current for the repair to occur.

You cannot harm someone with a SCENAR treatment other than for the contraindications show below. The worst you can do is not be very effective .

There are few contraindications, those being :

  • Over on demand pacemakers or other electrical implants
  • Treatment over open wounds
  • Self treatment whilst intoxicated
  • Treatment of people prone to seizures
  • Treatment of pregnant women in a Western setting

SCENAR treatments are not man- named disease or pain specific. By releasing neuropeptides it is an Holistic treatment and the brain will treat everything that it considers a problem obviously honing in on the problem it currently finds greatest. With the SCENAR devices we try to direct the brain to commence repair of the area or problem we are finding the most discomfort with.

Treatments as soon as possible after an injury occurs (acute) are the most productive however most chronic conditions respond to treatment over time and at least assist in controlling pain to an acceptable level.

Treatments are simple. A personal SCENAR device can be operated easily by most people and comes with training manuals, and some devices have On line training webinars and an App. There are pads and leads for self treatment of areas you can`t reach either because of pain or flexibility. The devices are the size of a TV remote and are battery operated for complete mobility.

The Therapeutic value of a SCENAR device is not based on model or price. It depends on your personal ability to adapt and the strength of your immune system and how well your brain communicates with your body.

The personal SCENAR device has the same therapeutic value as the top of the line Professional device because the actual treatment is conducted by you via your brain however in the hands of a SCENAR professional the Professional devices can be used to speed up the process considerably.

With extensive training, and good medical knowledge a SCENAR Professional can give you treatments that build quickly on each other and they can direct you to use your personal device between Professional treatments to obtain an even faster resolution of problems.

There are numerous types of brands and models of Energetic medical devices and they are each useful for various categories of users.

The Original RITM Scenar devices have been a leader in the technology since they invented it. Their devices have been the benchmark until recently. The training is prolonged and difficult to fully understand the technology. Treatment times are generally long (1/2 Hour plus)

Devices are made in USA under the names Avazzia , First TX and Interex. These devices also work well and are often specific to treatments . They use older but still effective Russian technology

There are devices made in China (Enar) That still work to some degree— in Russia (Denas/Diadens and again works to some degree —- Russia Dove/Cosmodic (probably very good but expensive and not approved by any Western health system)

Scenar Germany have now begun producing the Key series (Dermakey, Sanakey and Physiokey) which at this stage is the leading device in the world in terms of design, speed of treatment , positive results and intuitive operation together with German engineering . Treatment times are often halved.

This will all lead to an exciting future in health, where many pains and diseases can be controlled and /or treated at home , without surgical intervention or reliance on pharmaceuticals with their many unwanted side effects.

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Clinical Therapy Results

Dr Yuri Gorfinkel with over 18,000 patients treated prior to 1998 found that 88.5% had significant repair from a multitude of different medical problems and up to 98.2% had at least partial improvement.

There are more than 3000 medical practitioners using SCENAR in Germany and a questionnaire was done where 185 medical practices responded discussing results of 2684 patients after SCENAR use.  This covered many disorders, on average they said there was a noticeable positive influence on the complaint in 98.44% of cases.  The lowest being fertility disorders at 85.7%.

In the west since 2002 when SCENAR began to be used all practitioners and most private users have found a very high success rate.

Like all treatments there are some pathologies it does not assist with but with more research the results are improving. It is not yet the ultimate treatment as depicted in Star Trek and Star Wars.

Although the devices are generally used to control pain of any type, actually the device influences the brain/nervous system to diagnose (always accurate) and then attempt to repair the problem.

The percentage of success depends on many factors.  The main one being the individual ability of the person to adapt with the available resources they have in their body to enable repair.

More than 98% of people have a noticeable positive outcome from using a SCENAR Device.

Picture: Dr Yuri Gorfinkel

What is SCENAR?

SCENAR is a generic term describing a type of advanced TENS device.  It is an acroynm for Self-Controlled-Energo-Neuro-Adaptive-Regulator.


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