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SCENAR Devices

The original SCENAR devices were invented by the Russians in the late 1970’s early 1980’s.  They have been improved over the years and have become more complex to use.

Russian Devices

Besides the RITM Scenar Range, there are other devices made in Russia and China.  Acusen and Enar each of which works to some degree.  There is also the Cosmodic/Dove range which appear good but expensive and not approved by any western health system. Training can be complicated and expensive but thorough.

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German Devices

In Germany, Scenar Deutschland have now produced the Key Series range.  The Dermakey for Cosmetic Use, the Sanakey for Personal Use and the Physiokey for Professional Use.  The devices have far more computing power than other devices and they have been produced after the research of results from  the more than 3000 professional Scenar users in Germany.  These high quality, touch-screen, intuitive and ergonomically designed devices have numerous automatic settings and are easy-to-use.  A manual, online training, webinars and an App are available as well as face-to-face classes.


A SCENAR device is an interpreter of electrical signals from our bodies. It doesn’t care what language we speak or even what species we are. It can interpret both the healthy and unhealthy responses in question to your brain so that you can jump start your repair. It uses reflex biofeedback and your brain will not use the incorrect drug from your internal pharmacy nor will it overdose.

It is an holistic treatment and we try to direct the repair to the area we are having most problem with.  In clinical practice it has been found to have a positive effect in more than 98% of all cases, on average.

A SCENAR device generally gets your brain to cover the spectrum of pain control provided by Asprin through to Morphine, mostly without negative side effects. There are very few contraindications.  The SCENAR device can be used on babies through to the elderly and on animals. It is not painful to use and if your pain persists see your doctor.




There are devices such as; Avazzia, Interx, Tennant Biomodulator, First TX all made in USA.  They again, work, but use older Russian Technology.

Copy SCENAR Devices

SCENAR devices give individual, non-pharmaceutical, painless, reflex biofeedback treatments using the ability of your body and brain to drive the repair.

What is SCENAR?

SCENAR is a generic term describing a type of advanced TENS device.  It is an acroynm for Self-Controlled-Energo-Neuro-Adaptive-Regulator.


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