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A lot of research has been done in Russia and Eastern Block countries and some has been translated to English.


We include some of those articles usually in short form.  From clinical experiences in western countries it is apparent that these articles are accurate and now with the technical device improvements the results can be surpassed.  We have included German research as it comes available and interpreted.

Clinical SCENAR Research

The following papers available for download document clinical experience of SCENAR therapy

Grinberg J.

Physical Influencing Factors in SCENAR-therapy. Application Sound Therapy

“Southern Federal University Bulletin. Technical Science” Journal. Vol 99, Issue 10, 2009

This paper analyses physical influencing factors in SCENAR-therapy. Special attention is given to high-frequency skin vibrations caused by electric pulse stimulation. The paper represents SCENAR-therapy as a new class of electric and musical treatment.

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Minenko I., Voronkov A.

The Effectiveness of SCENAR-therapy

Reflexology Journal, Issue No: 3 (7), 2005

Large amount of clinical data (test group – 1128 patients, control group – 844 patients) that proved the effectiveness of SCENAR-therapy methods and techniques for treating various pathological conditions is presented. The therapeutic effect showed itself as reduced treatment time, increased remission, reduced drug doses, ill-defined symptoms of exacerbations, decreased complications, rapid pain relief and other positive changes.

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Grinberg J.

SCENAR: Facts and Hypotheses

Scenar-therapy and Scenar-expertise: Collection of articles. Issue 9-10, 2004

The author points to the high efficiency of SCENAR-therapy in various pathologic states, and notes most of current hypotheses, explaining its efficiency and briefly described in the article are not proved and require additional research.

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Grinberg Y.

Biofeedback, Expertise and Future Aspects of Scenar-diagnostics Development

Scenar-therapy and Scenar-expertise: Collection of articles. Issue 8, 2002

In the article the definition and theoretical basis for justifying application of the terms “biofeedback (BFB)” and SCENAR- expertise” are given. Based on the analysis of some aspects of Voll’s diagnostics and theoretical foundations of SCENAR-therapy, the future aspects of SCENAR-diagnostics development is considered, for which we’ll have to solve problems how to select zones that should be influenced, parameters of signal, material, dimensions and electrode configuration, perform necessary statistic investigations

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Grinberg Y.

The Concepts of Electro-therapy

Scenar-therapy and Scenar-expertise: Collection of articles. Issue 5, 1999

The article considers that adopted concepts of electrotherapy do not use the general approach of comparing methods and methodises with each other, and do not solve the dosage problem. To solve this problem the concept of electrotherapy is formulated, the leading element of which is the role of regulatory peptides.

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Grinberg Y.

Effectiveness of SCENAR-therapy. Physiological Aspects

Scenar-therapy and Scenar-expertise: Collection of articles. Issue 4, 1998

This article, basing on modern ideas about functions, building, chemical provision of excitement transmission in nervous system, attempt to explain the physiological mechanisms of the therapeutic effect of SCENAR-therapy. Particular attention is paid to the role of neuromediators and biological activity and regulatory characteristics of neuropeptides.

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Grinberg Y.

Grounds of SCENAR-therapy Effectiveness

Scenar-therapy and Scenar-expertise: Collection of articles. Issue 3, 1997

This article describes the physiological and physical basis of the effectiveness of electrotherapy and compares its various methods (diadynamic therapy, amplipulse therapy, interference therapy) combined with SCENAR-therapy.

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What is SCENAR?

SCENAR is a generic term describing a type of advanced TENS device.  It is an acroynm for Self-Controlled-Energo-Neuro-Adaptive-Regulator.


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